The Dublin Shield

Danielle Tran

Danielle Tran, Editor-in-Chief

Danielle Tran is a senior at Dublin High and one of this year’s Editors-in-Chief. She holds a deeply-rooted passion for writing, and has dreamt of becoming an author ever since her third grade teacher assigned her the project of writing a novel. While the resulting product, a dysfunctional picture book involving (both!) mummies and cowboys, didn’t become the roaring success she’d envisioned, she still spends a notable portion of her day brainstorming characters and ways to make their lives difficult. Expression and empathy remain two of her strongest values; therefore, she loves her role on the Shield not only for its written opportunities, but for its ability to connect the student body. An avid creator, Danielle spends her days producing original artwork, music compositions, and mediocre waffles. She is constantly on the lookout for enlightenment, so if you happen to know where to find it, be sure to give her a call.


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