The Dublin Shield

Samia Ahmer

Samia Ahmer, Staff Writer

Samia Ahmer is currently a sophomore at Dublin High School, and is one of the staff writers for the Dublin Shield this year. She has always loved writing, reading, and obsessing over her favorite books and poems. She is more likely than not coming up with various stories in her head, many of which have been left halfway through for the start of another. She is currently part of the Engineering Academy, and hopes to pursue her dream career of Computer Software Programming in the future. She loves travelling, where she can observe the beauty of diverse cultures, people, and of course food. When she is not found reading or (over)analyzing the lyrics to her favorite songs, she is likely discovering new restaurants, doing homework, or in the kitchen cooking and baking. She hopes to spread her love for equality and expression through being a part of Dublin Shield, because she believes everyone’s voice and opinion should be heard.
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