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Logan Lin

Logan Lin, Business/Sports Editor

Logan Lin, a junior at Dublin high school, plays guitar, and has played both JV baseball and football during the first two years of his high school career. He hopes to start his own venture capital firm one day. He has a business podcast called FinanZe, where his goal is to educate generation Z students about different topics of business. He has fireside chats with some of the most distinguished professors in the world, such as The Chair of Marketing at The University of Michigan Ross, The Chair of Entrepreneurship at Duke University, Billionaire Investor Tim Draper, and Finance Professor at UC Berkeley Haas. He will be doing a few more episodes featuring professors from Northwestern Kellogg, UCLA Anderson, Stanford, Dartmouth, Princeton, and MIT Sloan, and possibly the Dean of the Yale Business School. He will also feature successful businessman such as the Vice President at Google Capital, so he can help students get an idea of what a successful business person is. For anyone interested, the podcast is on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Feel free to reach out to him if you are interested in writing about any topics related to business or sports. His email is [email protected]

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