Incredibles 2: An Important Reminder to Live the Life Beyond Our Screens

Fourteen years is certainly an adequate amount of time for the anticipation of any sequel to build. However, when it comes to the sequel of a film as successful as The Incredibles, anything beyond five years is enough to test the average moviegoer’s patience. This is why, on June 15th, 2018, audiences eagerly flocked to theaters in order to be the first to witness Disney Pixar’s latest blockbuster, Incredibles 2, and they certainly were not disappointed.

In this installment, the roles of the parents have seemingly reversed – Helen “Elastigirl” Parr works to restore the legalization of superheroes everywhere, and to foil the crimes of “Screenslaver”, a mysterious, masked villain who reeks destruction by controlling civilians through hypnotic screens, while Bob “Mr. Incredible” Parr handles the day-to-day duty of handling their three children. Between meddling with Violet’s first relationship, struggling through Dash’s modernized math textbook, and dealing with Jack Jack’s sporadic powers which range from laser eyes to transforming into a pink gremlin when provoked, it seems as though Mr. Incredible’s job is equally dangerous as that of his wife’s.

Once again, Pixar has provided audiences with a film that nailed all of its targets. Adventurous yet realistic, humorous yet sentimental, Incredibles 2 succeeded in every hopeful movie’s goal: entertainment. Whether you’re a moviegoer who prefers action scenes that make your heart race, or a critic who looks for those underlying messages, this movie had it all, although certain qualities did come in heavier doses than others.

Perhaps this film’s most impressive feat, however, is how well it developed a number of important yet relevant themes to modern-day society. Firstly, let’s acknowledge Incredible 2’s wonder women. Especially following movements as powerful as Time’s Up and Me Too, Pixar did a spectacular job pointing the spotlight in Elastigirl’s direction, portraying her as strong, reliable, and above all, determined. Some would even consider her the main hero of the entire film, as she is the character who discovers and thwarts Screenslaver’s ultimate plan, albeit, with the help of her family. Regardless, incorporating such a fierce female character with such a significant role is a refreshing move on Pixar’s part and one that other movie companies will hopefully sustain. Another key theme was enforced, in fact,  by the villain him/herself. Although hidden behind a rather sinister looking mask, Screenslaver’s motives certainly wouldn’t be considered ludicrous. He/she acknowledged how rarely anybody bothered to shift their eyes from their screens in order to absorb the world around them, and how communicating through online platforms such as social media hardly substituted for the raw connection that could be made through human interaction. In a world where technology is becoming an increasingly integral factor in society, it wouldn’t hurt to take heed of his/her advice.


Overall, Pixar has, in simple terms, done it again – supplying impatient fans with a sequel that just about surpasses its predecessor. Scoring an impressive 94% on RottenTomatoes, and garnering nearly $300 million worldwide, Incredibles 2 is undoubtedly a must-see for the family. With an unlimited abundance of humor, sentiment, and passionate characters, this film reminds us to acknowledge the people beyond our screens, because, at the end of the day, these are the true superheroes of our lives.