Club Spotlight: Key Club


Audrey Kang, Writer


Key Club, a student-led international organization, has been a part of Dublin High School for many years. Dublin High’s Key Club is part of Division 26 South, which lies in the Cali-Nev-Ha District.

Key Club describes their primary priorities as providing students opportunities in leadership, service, and character building programs. The club hopes to empower students to make a difference in the community and the world by encouraging leadership through service. This is reflected in the many service events that donated to a variety of causes over the past year. Ryan Luu, a senior, says the best part about being in Key Club is “seeing all the energy and spirit” of his peers and getting the opportunity to “build my home, school, and community”.

The intense passion and willingness to work to better the world can be seen throughout all of Key Club’s events, with its spirit socials and monthly Division Council Meetings (DCMs) . Exciting upcoming events include the Region Training Conference and Fall Rally North, a club event located in Six Flags. Ultimately, Key Club is a great club for students who want to join a welcoming community that works diligently to improve the world.