Club Spotlight: Diversify Our Narrative

A nationwide club that is helping the learning curriculums become more efficient for students is Diversify Our Narrative. The club’s goal is to encourage discussion of racial issues and combat racism by implementing a diverse curriculum. 

Currently, school curriculum only provides a one sided point of view and does not adequately address issues of racism. To solve this problem, senior Willow Coughlan has introduced Diversify Our Narrative to Dublin High. “It is a club designed to try and create a more diverse version of the school curriculum,” Coughlan stated, after being asked about the general idea of this club. Diversify Our Narrative aims to create an environment where perspectives of all races are shared. The club wishes to have a positive impact on what students learn and allow a more diverse perspective rather than consistent eurocentric perspectives.

Over the summer, the club has initiated student-led petitions. To move forward their plan, the club has begun to contact teachers, administrators, and counselors to diversify the school curriculum. By communicating with the district school board, they are able to make sure that they have a stronger voice in the community. In the future, Diversify Our Narrative hopes to host fundraisers to spread awareness, book drives, public speaking opportunities, to expand school curriculum.

Diversify Our Narrative is part of a bigger program that has been garnering support for the movement and petitioning for change.The organization has been helping students attain a more open perspective on all types of problems occurring around the world by using more diverse literature, texts, and courses. 

To contact or join this club, visit their Instagram: @diversifyournarrativedusd