Club Spotlight: ABCD Tutoring

Club Spotlight: ABCD Tutoring

ABCD is a tutoring club created to help and give back to the community. Led by Sophomore Ananya Jakilati, this club hopes to make a positive impact on our community and  help those in need. They plan to reach their goal of giving back by tutoring kids who need it and to spread kindness and love around the community. Especially in a virtual learning setting, some students aren’t able to grasp the concepts as well as they would have. With a wide variety of subjects, students are able to truly understand any topic and get past any difficulties they previously had. 


The club has a unique way of teaching and developing a friendship with the student before tutoring them. “This allows the students to be more open and not scared to ask questions when they have some,” says Ananya, the president of the club. Younger students tend to be scared of asking for help when they need it and to eliminate that roadblock, this club, and its members believe that developing a connection is crucial.


When asked about her motivation to start this club, Ananya replied, “When I first moved to this community, I was welcomed with open arms and many smiles. This made me realize how important it is to give back to our society. They have done a lot for me and I want to do the same for the next generation.” Ananya hopes to pass this message on to future students and encourages people to give back to their community. 

However, the club wasn’t only created to give back to the community. The tutors of the club also love to share their knowledge and help others with kindness Sai Choudarypally, a tutor at ABCD, explained, “I love to help others. When I help others it gives me this feeling of happiness and pride.”


ABCD encourages students to inform others about the club. To enroll anyone you know for tutoring, email: [email protected].