Club Spotlight: DECA

The Distributive Education Clubs of America, commonly known as DECA, is a business association located in high schools and colleges, internationally. In DECA, members participate and compete in four main categories: Marketing and Communications, Business Management and Administration, Hospitality and Tourism, and Finance and Accounting.


Recently, Dublin High School DECA competed in a MiniCon held at Dougherty Valley High School. In this competition, Dougherty Valley offered four categories: Marketing Communication Series and a Hospitality and Tourism Series. Both of these were divided into two of their own, in either a Varsity or Novice category.


In each category, competitors were subjected to a written test and a roleplay. Some competed with partners and some did not.


A roleplay is a quick simulation of a realistic scenario in a given field that is mentioned above. Competitors will be tested on how they would react to the scenario and must be able to adapt, on the fly, accordingly. On top of this, they are also given performance indicators, commonly referred to as P.I.’s, that they must clearly incorporate to what they are about to present to their judge. Each competitor or group of competitors are only given a limited time to prepare and to act out the roleplay.


Under Novice Hospitality and Tourism, Dublin High juniors Emma Caufield and Liron Day won second place in the roleplay and third overall. Another DHS junior, Marina Minasyan also competed in this category and took 2nd in the written test. However, with her partner, Marina and Vana Janapati won third place in the roleplay and first place overall in the category.


In the Novice Marketing and Communication Series, Dublin High School’s Stephanie Nicole was an overall finalist.  Spandana Janapati won first place in the roleplay and took second place overall.


Varsity Hospitality and Tourism competitor DHS senior Ethan Chinn was a finalist  in the testing. He and his partner, Danielle Gaspar, were also finalists in the roleplay. But another Dublin High team, Vignesh Siva and Rajula Muralidhar,  won third place in both the roleplay and in the overall category.


In the last category of Varsity Marketing and Communications, DHS junior Emily Nie, took home three awards, winning third in the written test, second in the roleplay, and first in the overall category.


But that’s just the beginning for the 2017 season of Dublin High’s DECA.


“The DV MiniCon was a great learning and bonding experience for all of our members,” said DECA student president Saahil Shangle. “For many of them, this was their first competition, and I’m proud of how well they did! Coming up, we have the Northern California Conference, States, and eventually Internationals. After seeing how well everyone did here, I’m expecting big things ahead!”