The Splatter of Dublin, California is an annual festival where our community comes together at Emerald Glen Park to celebrate a love for wine, art and music. This year, many fun carnival rides were featured for children of all ages. There were many vending machines and stalls selling food, drinks, ice cream and other treats to make Splatter even more entertaining. An Arts & Crafts Marketplace was there where people could view professional artists and paint their own creations as well. Celebrity chefs were featured at Splatter in different time slots to talk about themselves, their experiences in cooking, and cooking tips for the public. Lastly, during the day, there were live performances by Dublin High School’s very own Jazz Band and Chamber Vocal Ensemble choir who performed at Splatter along with several solos, duos and group songs by DHS students.


Junior Logan Bowie, a student in Chamber Vocal Ensemble proudly said that, “I’m really happy about performing at Splatter with Chamber choir and I think we did a great job.”


Sophomore Joel Matthew, a member of the Dublin High acapella group Harmonic Minds, said that, “The Chamber choir and our group sang very well and we were truly happy after performing at Splatter.”


Junior Ryan Shipps, another member of Chamber Vocal Ensemble said that, “It was a great experience singing at Splatter, especially outside, since the acoustics were not the best, yet we still pulled it off. It was also a learning experience for all of us to know what we should and shouldn’t do in the next concert we have.”


The next concert in Dublin High School is hosted by the whole music department, which is a great opportunity of all students of Dublin High to take the time to come watch our music department in action. See you there!