DHS Fall Art Show Accepting Submissions


Drawings fill the walls in a salon style set up as parents and their students walk around, pointing excitedly at all the amazing art filling the room. This is the DHS art show, now going virtual! 

This year, Mr. Sollom is curating an art show, the DHS Art Gallery Fall Show, open for all students taking an art elective this year.

Students taking Drawing 1, Ceramics, 2D Art, Intermediate Painting, or any AP Art class this year may participate and turn in as many artworks as they want to their art teacher. When asked what the art show truly was, Mr. Sollom explained that this was a long running event designed to help students gain recognition.

In his words, “The DHS Art Gallery has been around for quite a while (since the late 1980s, actually), and its mission has always been to promote student artwork in a professional setting.  I want students to have an experience of seeing their creative efforts recognized in the same way that professional fine artists do.”

Mr. Sollom has taken this as his mission as a curator to select and organize artwork with a sophisticated presentation in order for the community to come and view the displayed works. 

His motivation to continue this into the virtual school year is “Seeing student artists bring their friends and family in to see their hard work.” He believes that artists, no matter how young, deserve recognition just like any other form of the arts such as acting and athletics.  He hopes to achieve a gallery that “fosters creativity among students who never thought they could be artists: seeing art made by their friends often inspires new students to take our classes at DHS.”

The art show has always been an exciting event for the DHS community. As the art club explains, “Every art student has a certain artistic style or talent that’s unique to them. The art show is a terrific way of showcasing their individual artistic abilities. It is an amazing opportunity for students to become inspired from each other’s work and gain early exposure to the professional art world.”

Although the art show is not on campus this year, we can all enjoy and bring friends and family to view the amazing artworks this fall in the digital gallery.

For those students who are interested, here is the process! Your first job is to find or make artworks you would like to submit for the art show. Your artwork can be in any media and any subject, as long as it is tactile and appropriate. Once you have selected or made your works, please bring them on campus to your art teacher by November 20, so Mr. Sollom can photograph them in the right background, lighting, and format. Once photographed, the works will be uploaded, and the link to view will be sent out via email. 

Dublin high school’s art department is proud to showcase the amazing artworks of our very own students! Make sure to support DHS artists by viewing the art show!