Annual District Concert was Especially Heartwarming as Fallon Band Director Leaves DUSD After Thirty Years


Jeannine Sullivan

The Dublin High School concert band and wind ensemble join together to perform at the district concert.

The district concert is a music department tradition where all the bands from the elementary schools, middle schools, and high school hold a combined concert and showcase a couple of their best songs. This concert is the chance for the young musicians from elementary and middle school to witness  the musicality and professionalism of the high school concert band and wind ensemble. But it is also for the high school students to reminisce on their many years in band and to remember what  they were like in elementary and middle school. Many moments were spent humming their old warmups and listening as the younger students played songs that they once played.


“Honestly, it was one of my favorite concerts,” said junior and bassoon player Michelle Won. “It’s amazing to see how much all the programs have grown and improved and that we as high schoolers can reflect back to when we used to be the kids in the elementary and the middle school band.”


“The concert was a complete success,” said junior and clarinet player Jenelle Barbier.  “It’s crazy to think that next year is going to be my last one because like many of my fellow band members, I have been involved in music since elementary school. Being able to see where we all started brings back memories of my love of music and all the amazing people it has brought me to. This past district concert was probably the best the high school has performed at in a long time and I was honored to be a part of that.”


This concert also honors all the seniors that have been in band for all four years of high school, since they have shown dedication and devotion to the program that is almost unparalleled to any other program offered on campus. During the concert, it is a tradition for the seniors to stand up and receive applause for all the hard work they have done.


The district concert is always heartwarming, but the upcoming retirement of Mr. Carpenter, who has been the Fallon Middle School band director ever since it opened , made it even more so. Many of the students in the Dublin High School Irish Guard have had Mr. Carpenter as their middle school band director. To honor Mr. Carpenter’s contribution to the DUSD music department, the Fallon band played the national anthem and Mr. Carpenter received a signed music stand.


All in all, the concert was amazing and it was the chance for the high school students to reflect on their past and for the younger musicians to marvel at the performances of  high schoolers. Most importantly, though, it was a way to recognize Mr. Carpenter’s role in shaping the various band programs in the district.


“It was a very special night for the Dublin schools to demonstrate their musical talent as well as to honor Mr. Carpenter’s several years of work,” junior and oboe player Douglass Bryant. “All the groups had quality performances, and it just goes to show that the Dublin music program has a bright future.”