The Power of YouTube and Kindness: How Bubzbeauty raised 49K for charity

Grace Li, Editor-in-Chief

YouTube beauty artist Lindy Tsang, or “bubzbeauty,” knows that kindness means action, a principle she displayed in her 10 day “I’m a Unicorn” tank top campaign earlier this year in April. Within the first two days, 611 tank tops had been ordered, amassing a total profit of $7,864. After another three days, the tank top count had gone up to 1,271, totaling a profit of $16,954. By the time the 10 days were over, Tsang had sold over 3,978 tank tops, and had made a profit of $49,133 to donate to charity.

“Together, we just helped to make the world a brighter place,” said Tsang on her official Facebook page. “We helped to shine light into darkness. We created hope together. They say it only takes one candle to light a thousand.

Tsang herself rounded the $49,133 up to $50,000 herself, and donated $25,000 to relief efforts in Nepal, and the other $25,000 to Compassion International, a Christian charity aimed at supporting children in impoverished areas. Their programs include child sponsorship, prenatal care, and leadership development.

To ensure her viewers that she would donating every cent of the $50,000 to charity, Tsang filmed parts of the donation process for Youtube and posted on Facebook an image of the bank transfer to Nepal. After seeing what massive success Tsang had in just a few short days, people may wonder why Tsang hadn’t chosen to sell the tank tops for herself. However, her generosity and kind spirit (as well as a Facebook post) helped answer most people’s questions.

“Money is not evil. Love for money is,” wrote Tsang. “…You can use it [the money raised] to buy a lot of nice things, yes. But when you know it can save lives just by providing basic necessities like water, food and shelter, it gives you a whole new perspective.”

“We are so so lucky we go to bed with a full belly and a roof over our heads,” Tsang continued. “I’ll be lying if I were to tell you guys I wasn’t tempted to launch the tanks for my own family’s profit but I know we have more than enough to live a happy life.”

“Doing this has actually given me meaning so I want to thank you all,” Tsang said. “When you live a life full of purpose and meaning, you are already rich.”

Tsang, who hails from Northern Ireland but currently resides in Hong Kong, has a family wherever she goes, and it’s no wonder. Her compassion for others and makeup has resulted in over 2 million subscribers on her beauty channel, and over 800,000 subscribers on her vlog channel. When Tsang visited Singapore, she was ecstatic over her subscribers, who surprised her at the airport with flowers and cards while she was miles away from her husband and baby at home.

“When I returned back to Singapore – it was as if I was welcomed by family,” wrote Tsang. “It was amazing seeing all of your faces.”

The appreciation Tsang has for her subscribers is incredibly touching, and a positive reflection of her sweet personality. She is seen multiple times in vlogs to be opening cards and gifts received by them, and she takes great care to thank them for all their support. Tsang also likes to embed pieces of moral advice within certain vlogs, understanding that her viewers are listening to her words.

With a pure heart and determination to make positive impacts in the world, Tsang posted about a new sweater design, called “I’m the corny kind,” as a part of an upcoming charity project, possibly similar to the previous one.

“Kindness is a type of happiness,” Tsang posted. Anyone watching her vlogs can see that these are words Tsang lives by.