A Recap on the 2018 Winter Olympics

As the highly anticipated 2018 Winter Olympics comes to an end, let’s take a moment to recap on this year’s highlights. While Norway ended with a world record of 39 medals, that didn’t stop the US from having an exceptional season, earning a total of 23 medals and coming out 4th in the overall standings. However, how much does the number of medals won by the US really matter when we have an astounding team of athletes that can truly put on an incredible show? The Winter Olympics is always a good time to snuggle in your coziest blanket with a bowl of popcorn on your lap, and with sport selections such as freestyle skiing, curling, and snowboarding, there is sure to be something for everyone to enjoy.




When it came to what DHS to watch, students tended to revolve around figure skating for its incredibly talented and hardworking athletes. This year, there were stellar performances from all around the globe, including USA’s Mirai Nagasu, the Shibutani duo, and 18-year old newcomer Nathan Chen. “[My favorite sport to watch is] ice skating, because of the intricate performances and how different each performance is from another,” said freshman Juana Muhirwe. Freshman Patty Cruz and senior Emma Engstrom both agreed, with Cruz explaining, “My favorite sport is figure skating because the figure skaters have so much grace when they move and glide across the ice. I have a lot of respect for ice skaters because they are able to keep their balance and jump very high on a surface other than the ground,” and Engstrom stating that, “My favorite sport is ice skating because its so elegant and beautiful and I can see all the work they put into their routine and I feel their anxiousness and am happy when they exceed.” She later continued on to acknowledge Mirai Nagasu’s historic triple-axel, which made her the first woman in US history to land one. “The girl who landed the first triple axel for the women’s american team [was inspiring because] she was rejected for the olympics at first, but she did not give up and she continued to push and she has now made history.”




However, the Winter Olympics had in store a number of other impressive events. Shaun White, for example, an athlete who had already won an impressive combination of Olympic Medals and Winter/Summer X Games, solidified his title as snowboarding champion when he became the first snowboarder to have won three gold medals. Senior Chris Palomares was especially thrilled about White’s success, going on to explain, “Shaun White’s performance was inspiring because he has been competing for so long and even as he gets older, he still has the skill to achieve greatness. Snowboarding [is my favorite sport to watch] because I’ve always wanted to snowboard and Shaun White is my favorite Olympian.” Cassie Neal, also a senior, had a similar opinion, saying, “Shaun White’s performance snowboarding runs [were inspiring] because even though he fell on one of his runs he kept going and didn’t give up. Men’s Half-Pipe for snowboarding [was my favorite sport to watch] because it is cool to see the tricks they can do.” However, senior Rhiannon Coiner had a different say in the topic, simply stating, “[My favorite sport to watch is] curling because it’s super funny.” And considering all the similarities curling has to sweeping the hardwood floor of your house, it’s hard to disagree.



All in all, the Winter Olympics was a time to gather with friends and family and enjoy an event that only comes around every four years. Whether it be Jessie Diggin’s historical win, Chloe Kim’s incredible debut performance, or the US Women’s Hockey Team’s triumphant victory that gets you leaping from your couch cheering, the overall theme is clear: No matter how high the mountain, you will always find your way over it and to the finish line, and in this case, quite literally!