Powder Puff: Friend or Foe

Powerpuff. The event where they have girl football players, and guy cheerleaders. The guys do the cheering, and the girls play Football. This is the annual event that both the Juniors and the Seniors get to face off, and once again, show off some class rivalry. Powderpuff has been a tradition here at Dublin High, however,  there are rumors going around that this year could be the last year they will be hosting the event.


“I’m really determined to win this year,” says junior coach Josh Nobida. “I’ve been seeing some great things so far and have a good feeling about our team.”

Participating in Powderpuff isn’t just for the jersey or famous instagram picture. Students are coming together as a class and playing for the same reason; to win. Both the Juniors and Seniors are in the process of working hard to become winners. Taking as much time they need to perfect their plays, running drills, and practicing to be the best. This years teams that are playing are the classes that always go head to head in school events. The graduating Senior class of 2014, and the Junior class of 2015 have the chance to fight for the winning title of the Powderpuff game.


“I don’t care that the Juniors always lose,” junior Ariana Banda says. “I’m ready, and practicing like a winner.”


Football isn’t the only sport that is being demonstrated during Powderpuff. The junior and senior boys are doing the cheerleading. Chanting for their teams victory, performing a halftime routine and acting as if they were actual cheerleaders. Stunting, dancing, jumping, all the assets it takes to be a cheerleader, is what the people in the stands are going to see on game day.


“Our coaches are taking Cheerleading really seriously”, junior Jaron Lazar says. “Since they’re National Champions, they want us to look like champions.”


At the end of the day, this event is made to be a friendly class competition. Students play and participate to show the spirit of their class. It may not always feel that way when practice is going on, but it’s all in the spirit of good fun.