An Athlete’s Life


Capturing the academics gravitating an athletes priorities. Credit: Malik Peay


An athlete’s sport may be the only thing giving them motivation to get through the school year. At Dublin High, spring, fall, and winter athletes have a struggle with balancing their academics and their sport. But maybe motivation is spurred to uphold a standard gpa while participating in their sports. An athlete must maintain a GPA above a 2.0.

“I try to have a good work ethic while being an athlete because if athletics don’t work out my grades will still be strong,” senior James Adams says.

According to Adams, athletics may help a person have a better work ethic because an athlete must maintain a certain gpa in order to participate in a sport.

“I love running track,” junior Vanessa Poupich says. “But sometimes, I have a struggle of managing time while being an athlete, ultimately affecting my grades badly.”

Poupich offers a different perspective of how being involved in a sport may hinder her capability of managing good grades. She provides insight on her life while participating in a sport but while her adoration for her sport still remains, her gpa may not.

“I am motivated to do better in school because I really want to get the scholar athlete award,” junior Emily Barber says.

This award is given to athletes who are successful in their sport and also maintain a gpa that is applicable for this award. This incentive motivates athletes. Maybe the ability to play a sport an athlete likes or loves is the incentive that increases their gpa and their source of motivation.

“Participating in something I love is my motivation to doing better in all aspects of my life because who doesn’t want to be content with their life,” junior Milan Moses says.

Moses shows passion by using the adjective “love.” Exemplifying that an athlete gets by the school year by doing a sport. That’s their greatest incentive.