Everything You Need to Know About Skit Night 2019


Rhea Mistry

The Freshmen perform a Tik Tok dance.

To kick off the usual homecoming week festivities, Skit Night was held last Wednesday, October 2nd. As usual, it was a night of school and class spirit, laughs, and sentimentality.  

First up were the freshmen with their theme, “Under the Clouds.” In one word, their skit could be described as wholesome. They thanked the seniors for being wonderful role models, roasted the other classes, and talked about how excited they were for the years to come. Overall, they placed fourth. 

Rhea Mistry
The sophomores make fun of the juniors unoriginal choreography during the last skit night.

The sophomores performed next with their theme of “Under the Spotlight”. Their skit, arguably the best of the night, consisted of an award show that featured a short performance from each class and the announcement of a winner at the end. Funny and well-executed digs and one-liners were thrown to roast every class. Each class was portrayed differentlythe freshmen as “TikTok/VSCO Girls”, the sophomores as characters from the Joker film, the juniors as bikers from last year’s homecoming skit, and the seniors as kind people. At the end of their skit, all the classes united and broke out into a dance number. During the awards ceremony, it was revealed that the whole show was rigged and that the hosts were actually from Granada. The sophomores’ script, costumes, props (including the Joker flags waved by students in color guard), and their hilarious roasts of the other classes allowed them to place second. The sophomores’ skit originally placed first, but the judges took off points due to the trash left in their bleachers. 

Photo retrieved from Siya Pun.
The sophomores wave Area 51 posters.

After the tenth-grade class was the juniors’ “Under the Radar” theme. The four main characters were aliens who had lost their way from Area 21, their home, and the plot revolved around these students trying to collect stones for the Gael Gauntlet by asking for help from each class. They needed to collect four stones, one from each class, in order to make it back to their hometown before the FBI found them. Their creative use of lighting in the sports complex as well as the news broadcast they displayed on the TV added a unique twist to their skit that made it interesting to watch as an audience member. Additionally, their dances were great—they incorporated their alien theme well. 

Last, but certainly not least, was the seniors’ “Under the Bed” theme. Their skit was about a freshman who needed guidance as she entered high school, and the seniors helped her through it while looking back on their years at DHS. They creatively intertwined scenes from Monsters, Inc. with DHS experiencesfor example, they used the relationship between Mike and Celia to show prom, and they mentioned the SAT to reference the contamination scene in the movie. They finished off their skit with a sentimental video and talked about the importance of having unity within the classes when they used “spirit energy” from each class to turn the lights back on. The senior skit placed first in the competition. 

Rhea Mistry
The seniors reflected on their high school experiences and fears about the future in an amusing skit.

Popular trends during skit night included references to TikTok dances, with each class including at least one TikTok dance. Despite the allusion to current trends, every skit was unique and funny in its own way.