Senior Sweep During Homecoming Causes Controversy


Rhea Mistry

The sophomores make fun of the juniors unoriginal choreography during the last skit night.

For several students, skit night, described as a night of vibrant school spirit and intense class competition, was the best part of Homecoming week. When the results were announced during the football game though, several students were surprised by the judges’ decisions, with seniors in first place, followed by sophomores, juniors, and freshmen. Students had one recurring question: Were the results of Skit Night biased towards the seniors because this was their last year at DHS? 


In response to the seniors’ victory, Sophomore Ayzia Miller said “Honestly, yes [there was a bias]. I understand their skits mean a lot and make everyone emotional but it wasn’t even that good.”  Miller went on to criticize the fact that most of the seniors’ skit was a video of memories from the senior year and didn’t really contribute to the plot of the skit. Junior Aishwarya Mougdal expanded on this thought, contending that the sophomores’ skit was the best [because] they had a really good plot line and the best structure overall.” In fact, it was later revealed that the sophomores had placed first in the skit section but moved to second due to the points they lost because of trash left behind in their section of the bleachers during skit night.


When asked about a bias towards the seniors, though several students felt that there was a bias, they rationalized it as a result of the nostalgia that characterized the seniors’ skit rather than an assumed victory for the seniors. It was possible that most people confused the winners of skit night with the overall Homecoming winners, which, as witnessed throughout the past, usually does end up being the seniors. Since it was their last year, many seniors participated in the float and area builds, making their Homecoming events gold-medal worthy. This spirit became evident once they achieved first place in area build, float, and overall class spirit. Although the sophomore class could have placed first in skit night, it still seems as though the seniors put the “sweep” in sweepstakes, earning a well deserved overall victory.