4 Reasons to Come to the Mix on Wednesday:

Alexandra Stassinopoulos, World Editor

  1. IMG_1137Why should you go the Mix Wednesday night? The fundraiser at the Mix on Wednesday from 3 to 7 pm, to raise money for the DHS swim team. Like other teams or clubs on campus, the swim team needs to raise money each year to pay for buses and pool time. Unlike other sports, we do not have any home meets to sell food at, so we would really appreciate your help raising money!
  2. Don’t think you know anyone on the swim team? Chances are, you actually do; there are almost seventy of us, but if you truly don’t, that’s still okay. We don’t bite, and we’d love to meet you (especially if you’re supporting us)!
  3. But, if for some reason meeting knew people doesn’t appeal to you, then bring some of your friends! At fundraisers, the more’s the merrier: for each order, the Mix will donate 25% of its profits to the swim team. The only catch is that everyone must have a copy or picture of the fundraising flyer (see below).
  4. And of course, if all else fails, come to the Mix to eat donuts and ice cream! Even if you have homework, and especially if you’re stressed out, coming to the Mix and eating a therapeutic donut-ice-cream-sandwich is a great way to relax.