The Dublin Shield

From left to right: Rosemary Hughes (JV Improv), Quentin 'Tino' Curtis, Niki 'Beluga' Butler, Trevor 'Chillaax' Haar, Dylan 'Prank' Seeley, Simone 'Raven' Campos, Noah 'Hermes' McMoyler, Caeden Perriman (JV Improv), Jaxon 'Poppy Seed' Chasity, Noah 'Bradypus' Bradley.

Improv the Nation Show

February 25, 2017

Dublin High Drama Department Has Huge Success at Lenaea Competition

Eugenia Gavrilova

February 18, 2017

On the weekend of February 11th, the Dublin High Drama Department attended Lenaea, a large theater competition at Folsom Lake College for high schools in northern and central California. What makes this competition different, how...