Recap and Recall: the 2017 World Series

Sumedh Vaidyanathan, Sports Editor

After defeating the 3rd seeded Boston Red Sox (93-69) in a four game series and the 4th seeded (91-71) New York Yankees led by rookie phenom Aaron Judge in a seven game series, the 2nd seeded Houston Astros emerged as the American League champion. Houston surprised everyone with an improved record of 101-61 following their previous season’s 84-78 record. This was Houston’s second World Series appearance, the first being in 2005 when they were swept by the Chicago World Series and when they were considered a team in the National League.


Meanwhile in another part of the United States, the Los Angeles Dodgers were determined to make up for their loss to the Chicago Cubs in the National League Championship Series last year. This season, they emerged as the top ranked team in Major League Baseball with the record of 104-58. The Dodgers swept the 4th seeded Arizona Diamondbacks (93-69) and settled the score with the third seeded Chicago Cubs (92-70) in a five game series to become the heavily favored team to win in the World Series. The Dodgers were prepared to add another title to their collection of six and returned to the World Series after 29 years.


1st game — October 24 at the Dodgers Stadium

In the pre-game ceremony, the first pitch was thrown by the family of Dodgers legend Jackie Robinson. The day marked the 45th anniversary of Robinson’s death  and the 70th anniversary of Robinson breaking the color line in baseball. Astros pitcher Dallas Keuchel threw the first pitch when Dodgers batter Chris taylor hit a homerun and gave the Dodgers an early lead of 1-0. In the 4th inning, Houston’s Alex Bregman hit a homerun to tie the game 1-1. L.A.’s Justin Turner hit a two-run homerun to extend the Dodgers’ lead to 3-1. Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw struck out 11 and L.A. won the game 3-1.


Score: Dodgers: 3  Astros: 1                              

Record: Dodgers 1 – Astros 0


2nd game — October 25 at Dodgers Stadium

The game was scoreless for the first two innings until the third inning, when Houston’s Alex Bregman drove right fielder Josh Reddick in for 1 run. The Dodgers retaliated with a homerun by Joc Pederson and the game was tied at 1-1. In the 6th inning, the Dodgers took a lead after Corey Seager’s two-run home run. Carlos Correa and Marwin González helped the Astros tie the game and the game was extended to 10 innings. José Altuve and Carlos Correa hit home runs and the Astros had the lead of 5-3. Yasiel Puig hit a homerun and Enrique Hernández drove in Logan Forsythe to tie the game 5-5. The game was yet again extended to the 11th inning. George Springer hit a two-run homerun to take the lead for the Astros once more. The Dodgers failed to tie the Astros in the last inning, with only one run.


Score: Dodgers: 6  Astros: 7

Record: Dodgers 1 – Astros 1


3rd game — October 27 at Minute Maid Park, Houston

Yuli Gurriel hit a homerun and RBIs by Marwin González, Brian McCann, and Alex Bregman led Houston to a monstrous lead of 4-0 in the 2nd inning. Dodgers tried to catch up with 1 run during the 4th inning and 2 more during the 6th. However, Houston’s Evan Gattis added another run during the fifth inning and there was nothing that the Dodgers could do about it.


Score: Dodgers: 3 Astros: 5

Record: Dodgers 1 – Astros 2


4th game — October 28 at Minute Maid Park, Houston

The game suffered a drought for runs during the first five innings. Finally, Houston’s George Springer homered off Alex Wood and Houston had the lead of 1-0. L.A. responded with Logan Forsythe driving in Cody Bellinger to tie the game in the seventh inning. L.A. avalanched Houston with 5 runs in the ninth inning and Houston only came out with a homerun from Alex Bregman.       


Score: Dodgers: 6 Astros: 2

Record: Dodgers 2 – Astros 2


5th game — October 29 at Minute Maid Park, Houston

Game 5 was when both teams scored the most amount of points in the series. L.A.’s Logan Forsythe had two-runs and due to a throwing error made by the Astros’ Yuri Gurriel, L.A. led 3-0 in the first inning. Later in the 4th inning, L.A. scored another run to lead 4-0. Houston tied the game with a RBI double from Carlos Correa and a three-run homerun. In the fifth inning, both team had 3 runs. In the seventh inning, Astros’ George Springer hit a home run off the first pitch of the inning. Alex Bregman scored on a double by Jose Altuve and Carlos Correa hit a two-run home run to help Houston have its first lead of the game. L.A. had one run during the 7th inning and the score was 8-11 with the Astros in the lead. Both L.A. and Houston had a run each at the 8th inning as L.A.’s Corey Seager doubled in a run and Houston’s Brian McCann hit a homerun. L.A. came out in a big way as Yasiel Puig had a two-run homerun and Chris Taylor drove Austin Barnes in for a tied game. In the 10th inning, both teams were battling for control of the game. However,Houston’s Alex Bregman had a walk-off hit and Houston was one win away from winning the series.

Score: Dodgers: 12 Astros: 13

Record: Dodgers 2 – Astros 3


6th game — October 31 at Dodgers Stadium

Game 6 was a key game in the series as this was an opportunity for Houston to become the 2017 season champions. L.A. also had the chance to push the series to a game seven to avoid elimination. George Springer hit the first homerun of the series for Houston to lead 1-0. In the sixth inning, Chris Taylor and Corey Seager helped L.A. jump to a 2-1 lead with 2 runs. In the seventh inning, the Dodgers’ Joc Pederson hit a homerun and the Astros remained scoreless for 6 innings.


Score: Dodgers 3 Astros: 1

Record: Dodgers 3 – Astros 3


7th game — November 1 at Dodgers Stadium

Game 7 was not only the concluding game of the 2017 MLB season but was also the game where the champion was determined. The Astros and Dodgers were both fired up as Houston was ready to claim its first championship and L.A. was ready to add another championship to their storied franchise. Houston’s George Springer scored the first run due to an error made by Cody Bellinger and Alex Bregman followed with another after stealing bases. Houston was already up 2-0 in the first inning and then proceeded to expand their lead in the second inning. Brian McCann scored the next inning and George Springer hit a two-run home run to extend Houston’s lead to 5-0. The Dodgers failed to make a run throughout the first 5 innings until Andre Ethier scored Joc Pederson on a single in the sixth inning. In the ninth inning, Dodgers’ Corey Seager hit the baseball out to José Altuve who threw to Houston’s Yuli Gurriel. They had done it. Houston won the World Series!


Score Dodgers: 1 Astros: 5

Record: Dodgers 3 – Astros 4


2017 Major League Baseball Champions: Houston Astros

World Series Most Valuable Player: George Springer


Congratulations to the Houston Astros and good luck to the Dodgers and Astros for the 2018 season!