DHS Homecoming Game Against Foothill


Dublin High School Gael Force Commissioners Sarah Thach, Hailey Guinto,, Richard Chung, and Lauren Dang at the DHS Homecoming game against Foothill High School. Photo courtesy of @gaelforce22 on Instagram.

The homecoming game against Foothill high was certainly one to remember. On Friday, October 22, Dublin High School had it’s Homecoming football game against Foothill High School. This game was full of various important events. 

One of the most anticipated events was the announcement of the Senior Homecoming court. During the halftime show, the Dublin High band and Irish guard welcomed the winners from the Freshmen, Sophomore, and Junior court, as well as the Senior nominees with their parents. The crowd cheered in excitement and suspense to hear the winners. 

“When I first saw the red rose I was truly shocked and I literally couldn’t believe what I was seeing. A rush of excitement ran over me. It was the same excitement that I felt standing in front of the student section at the beginning of the football game. The homecoming student section was radiating with energy and the pom poms showed that!” reported Senior Homecoming court winner Lauren Dang to the Shield. 

The Senior class Homecoming court nominees were all given a box with a hidden rose inside it. However, the 2021 Homecoming winner was given a red rose instead of a white rose in the box.

“Homecoming this year was unlike anything else! There was so much spirit surrounding all the events and activities! Being part of the homecoming court, royalty spirit week, riding in the parade, and then actually pulling a red rose?!” commented Michelle Gilman, Senior Homecoming court winner to the Shield. 

“It really represents what I love about this school! The immense amount of positivity, spirit, and support radiating from this school is insane, I love it!”

This football game radiated immense spirit from the student section, cheerleaders, and band. Students were constantly cheering for the players by holding signs and performing cheers.

“This year’s homecoming football game was one of the most spirited and energized games I have ever attended. My favorite part of the game was when I led the ‘I believe’ chant. I was so happy for the turnout of this game however my voice will probably never be the same after completely losing it after this game! Go Gaels!” wrote Gael Force commissioner Richard Chung to the Dublin Shield.

Along with the announcement of the homecoming court, winners from skit night were also announced. Juniors took the win for area build and float and lastly, Seniors won skit as well as most class spirit. Senior and Juniors tied for first place in the overall. 

This football game was not like any other, and had intense amounts of school spirit due to it being the annual Homecoming game. Congratulations to all the winners from homecoming court and skit night. This game will definitely be one to remember.