Overcrowding on Buses Continues to Frustrate Students


Suhani Jha

Students often struggle to find seats on the bus. However, as several bus drivers stressed, the problems with crowding on the buses are compounded by student’s behavior, in some cases creating safety issues.

Due to the massive influx of the freshman class of 2023, Dublin High currently has a whopping enrollment of over 3000 students. For the students who have yet to get their driver’s license or are unable to catch a ride to school/home, they have to depend on the Wheels buses as their mode of transportation. However, despite previous efforts made by the Wheels company to improve the efficiency of school routes and send out more buses to accommodate the increase in the number of students, buses are still overcrowded.


Students who aren’t lucky enough to get a seat on the bus barely have any space to stand because there are many other kids trying to take the bus as well. Backpacks placed on the floor also take up even more space, doubling as safety hazards. Because there are so many people standing on the bus, there often aren’t enough handles or poles for everyone to hold onto. There have been several incidents where students lost their balance and fell. Some even resort to sitting on the steps or the floor, blocking the way for others. The buses can be so crammed with students that lean against the doors, which is very dangerous. 


When asked about how extreme the overcrowding on the buses is and its possible causes, freshman Tanvi Singh said, “I believe that it’s moderate as we have a good amount of buses in the morning in which students can easily sit and some stand which is perfectly ok. Except that in the afternoon when school ends, there are usually [only] two buses for each number. Sometimes the second bus does not come causing one bus to be super crowded and suffocating for students [inside]!”


Adding on to what Tanvi said, students who have their last period classes in buildings furthest from the bus stop are the most unfortunate as they are more likely unable to get a seat. School normally ends at 3:27 pm and the buses depart at 3:40 pm. The next available bus that departs from school is a single 501A at 5 pm.


On the other hand, others think that the situation is intolerable because of students’ behavior. “I find it very annoying… I get that we are all trying to get to school but there’s a lot of pushing and it’s like [everyone’s] wrestling before school and I’m not into that. And second of all, it is irritating that some people save too many seats for their friends. Save one seat, not the whole bus!” freshman Sameeha Siraj said. 


It is also not an uncommon sight to see a few students acting rambunctiously while everyone is already uncomfortably crammed together, further exacerbating the ride for others. Pushing and shoving each other aggressively, screaming obnoxiously and even airdropping unsolicited memes may bother other students, who are exhausted after a long day at school. This behavior also makes it more difficult for the bus driver to concentrate.


Some students also think the school is capable of funding more buses Sophomore Suhani Jha said, “The school can at least provide $500 towards the bus because mainly the financial charges shouldn’t be a problem, but the safety and comfort of the students should be of utmost priority.”


Although many students still find the bus rides to be rather hectic, it would be erroneous to think that the Wheels company has not tried to improve the overall ride experience. Buses usually now arrive at school punctually so that students are not late for their first period classes. Bus drivers and staff also make the effort to tell students standing in the bus to move towards the rear to make room for others.


In a nutshell, many students agree that the Wheels company has taken the initiative to provide more buses for the growing student population, buses often still are too packed for comfort. To tackle this issue, the school can put some money aside to further add to the number of buses available. At the very least, students taking the bus can watch their own behavior and be more considerate to not only the bus driver but also other students.