FMP Closes Out the Year With “Bring a Friend to FMP”


Dublin High’s Freshman Mentorship Program closed out another successful year on Tuesday, May 22 with their “Bring a Friend to FMP Day”. This event allowed freshmen to attend an advisory for the FMP period in the interest of exposing them to different mentors and different activities. Students were encouraged to sign up for different themed activities with their friends, and themes ranged from “‘90s Trivia” to food-based “Around the World” to “College Day”. Most themes were centered around either pop culture, food, or both, and provided opportunities for freshmen to meet new people while exploring things that interested them.

Freshmen had positive reactions to the event. Erica Wang, who chose to attend Around the World, noted that it was “great because the mentors in charge of the FMP I attended were fun and easy to get along with.” Sarah Bray, who attended Campfires and S’mores, echoed this sentiment, enjoying the fact that she got to meet new upperclassmen as well as different freshmen. FMP has always been about exposing freshmen to new people at DHS, and it was clear that in this regard, the event was a success.

Freshman Rachel Leung commented that “it was entertaining and I would totally recommend it for next year’s FMP.” The FMP program as a whole has its pros and cons, but this event was one that received a near-unanimous thumbs up.