Deer Neesh

Dear Neesh,

There’s this guy I like in one of my classes and I don’t know how he feels about me. How do you know if a guy likes you?

Dear majority of girls,

Well this is a topic that I’ve been getting a lot of questions on. The unsurety of a guy’s feelings towards you, the wondering if he’s flirting because he likes you, and whether it’s just to play games or if it’s out of boredom can cause a lot of confusion for a girl. Usually it’s a big reason why girls don’t know whether to focus their interest on a specific guy or not to, due to the confusion of what he’s feeling.

If a guy likes you then he usually would make it more than obvious. Texting you first would be a big sign; it’s the easiest way to communicate because you can keep it a conversation that lasts all day and still be connected to the other person. It also shows his interest because he is the first person to initiate a conversation. Constantly wanting to hangout at lunch or doing something over the weekend also shows his eagerness to hangout with you. And if you do hangout, watch his body language and the way he speaks. The way he physically interacts with you is a huge sign of his feelings.

But if he’s the shy type then he might be dropping sly hints at his feelings. A guy who’s shy may like you but not show it at all. And at that point it’s not on you to figure out what the relationship is between you two, he needs to take action. But try not to read into every little thing a guy says. Most of the time they just say things not as serious as us girls blow it way out of proportion. If you’re really confused and are past the point of waiting around for him to tell you, just ask him yourself! There’s nothing wrong with a girl making the first move and showing what she wants. That way there’s no confusion of what he wants from you and how he feels. Guys always think that they have to uphold the “manly” stereotype of not making feelings a big deal, in this case it may be easier for you to share your feelings first. Most guys I know drop hints over social media sites, favoring multiple tweets and quote tweeting a lot. That method is an easy ice breaker to show that he pays attention to what you say and you do, plus it’s over technology to, so he doesn’t have that be as nervous as he’d be in person.

So the next time you see him, try watch out for any of these signs. And even if you misread his signals don’t let it get to you. There are so many fish out in the sea!!

Well Wishes,