The DHS swim team excels though the season


Shelby Richmond

ABOVE: Seniors and coaches at the swim banquet

This year, swimmers on the DHS swim team have accomplished a lot, both as a team and individually. Students have worked hard at meets to achieve their goals.

“The team has accomplished many things this year,”  junior Parin Patel said. “Our varsity has managed to tie with several of our high school competitors, and our junior varsity has improved immensely.”

The DHS swim team has gotten a lot faster since last year, scoring better against many of the other teams. They also performed well in invitationals that they attended, each involving 5 or more other teams. In addition, many students have improved a lot individually.

“I was on the Varsity swim and was able to get faster in all of my events by training hard at every practice,”  senior Megan Rankin said.

Because swimming involves being timed to achieve goals, it is different from other team sports in the ways you improve. Swimming requires a lot of dedication in practice in order to drop time in races. Individual times also contribute to the overall score as well as to relays at the meet. Many members of the swim team are extremely spirited when cheering on the team, especially during the relays.

“As a team, we were able to be so supportive of each other and we always cheered each other on,”  junior Stephanie Li said.

Cheering on your team mates not only makes them feel confident, but it also shows how much support each member of the team has. It helps people improve as well as band together as a team. This is one of the major incentives for people joining the swim team.

“I swim because I feel relaxed when I do it, I know my surroundings–the pool is like a second home, something I grew up with,” freshman Lily Hu said.