Solar Panels

How can solar panels benefit us? Have you ever seen solar panels in other school’s parking lot? Or anywhere in our city?

Our students show their opinions about the topic; “maybe in 10 years we will have solar panels because we are still under constructions,” says senior Gene Elazegui, referring to the theater that is almost done.

Solar panels may benefit our school as it serves as a roof to protect the cars parked in the parking lot. Although solar panels may “cost around $20k,” Elazegui thinks that it is nothing compared to what will benefit us in the long run. “Heck yes I want solar panels in our school because it’s gonna save the environment and it’s less money to the school.” Elazegui opinionated, ”I believe we should spend more money on building solar panels because it will benefit us in the long run.”

The solar panels may also serve as an insulation from the sun to our cars so that during the summer, it doesn’t burn our butts when we get in the car after school. Solar panels can collect sunlight and turn that into energy/electricity that can be used at our school so less money will be spent on electricity.

Alex An, junior at Dublin high says that the performance of solar panels has increased and therefore, our school should consider in building solar panels for our parking lots. Our Dublin Library has solar panels, and it has been quite efficient, generating enough electricity that may be shared with many households.

“Solar panels may be expensive to purchase and build right now but I am sure we can make it worth the money we spend on solar panels,” concludes Senior Angie Kang.