The Dublin Shield

Music and Life

Liliana Wong, Online Editor

October 15, 2013

Music is not only words in melodic tune, but a way to express yourself. In some ways music can also be a bad influence because in this generation, all you hear in the radio from Miley Cyrus “trying to get a line in the bathroom”...

Life as a Teen

Liliana Wong, Online Editor

October 15, 2013

Our parents always tell us that being a teenager is the best time of their lives but I believe that it is one of the toughest time is a young adult’s life. Teenagers are too young to act like adults and yet we are too old to...

Driving Safety Tips

Driving Safety Tips

October 9, 2013

Drugs on Campus

Camila Huang

September 26, 2013

Addictive, disruptive, illegal, inappropriate - drugs are not allowed on campus for many reasons. Drugs have been an issue of concern on the Dublin High campus. Many people at Dublin High, however, think of it in different ways...

Rally Etiquette

Brittany Roberts, Photo Editor

June 12, 2013

   When you go to rallies at Dublin High lots of things happen, like games, announcements and performers. The performers usually are the cheerleaders and the dance team. The people at our school are very opinionated, which ...

What is Rape Culture?

Ana Cruz, Entertainment Editor

June 3, 2013

 In September 2012, a 15-year-old girl named Audrie Pott hung herself after being bullied and publicly shamed for being raped.   In April 2013, Canadian 17-year-old Rehtaeh Parsons, ended her life after enduring two years ...

How to be More Outgoing

Mimi Maghrbi, Social Media Manager

April 26, 2013

   Because the year is coming to an end for seniors and another year is passing by for the rest of Dublin High, many of you might want to break out of your shell for the next year. Being outgoing is a great way to enjoy you...

The Hunger Is Real

The Hunger Is Real

March 22, 2013