Music and Life

Music is not only words in melodic tune, but a way to express yourself. In some ways music can also be a bad influence because in this generation, all you hear in the radio from Miley Cyrus “trying to get a line in the bathroom” and other ways that can provoke people to make bad decisions in life.

Music is like friends,whenever you are around it can either affect the listeners in a negative or positive way. Songs in this era sometimes tell us that doing drugs is not that bad, it is just having fun. They never tell people the consequences. People would never hear a song from Demi Lavato that says something like “Pop a molly and I’m sweating and ended up going to the hospital because I overdosed yeah!” It can hide the consequences because the music industry doesn’t want to scare off their customers.

“Trance music can be fun but scary because i always find myself driving too fast because i get really hyped.” stated a Junior Rohon Morjani

Although there is a lot of music out there that talks about parties and drinking, there are also some that can change your view the world. From country to hip-hop, to rock, it can teach you life lessons, such as to love one another, be yourself, and not be afraid of what people think. It gives us confidence we need to get through the day and affects the way people think by telling us morals we should always remember.

“I really enjoy music like Fireworks by Katy Perry because it shows that you are important and unique.” A senior named Erika Lacsamana stated.

“Songs can really motivate me to go to the gym and pump me up.” said a Junior Edwin Manlapaz.