That’s So Gay


Credit : wordshurtorhealorg

“That’s so gay.”

If you use this as an insult, then you are saying something that has the potential to deeply hurt people, whether that is your intention or not. You are implicitly describing an entire group of human beings. There’s a difference between acceptance and tolerance. To most, there’s nothing more homophobic than the saying, “that’s so gay “.

Research shows that homosexual students who heard the phrase frequently were more likely to feel isolated and experience poor appetite, headaches and stress, some even were so stressed that with time were put into a deep depression.

That party over the weekend wasn’t gay, your friend’s new hair cut is not so gay, your homework assignment is not so gay. That party, his haircut, your homework are not happy nor homosexual. Using the phrase “that’s so gay” effects the gay kid in the room or the kid with homosexual family members and friends, it puts a negative connotation on the gay community. It puts a negative connotation on someones being, being gay is not a good enough reason to feel like your life is not worth living.

I get it, we’re teenagers, its like diarrhea of the mouth, we have no filter but we really must learn the impact of our voices. So next time I only hope that you think before you speak.