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State of the Union Address 2018

Ingrid Zhang, Staff Writer

February 19, 2018

On the evening of Tuesday, January 30th, exactly one year since his inauguration to the White House, President Trump delivered his first State of the Union Address. Timing as the third longest SCU in fifty years, President Trump...

The President Remains Determined to Turn Up the Heat (Literally)

Kaushikee Nayudu, Associate Managing Editor

June 12, 2017

When it comes to climate change, as well as several other topics, President Trump has taken a diverse array of stances. Several years before announcing his candidacy, in 2009, the president signed an open letter to former Presid...

Corny Trump Confirmed

Arielle Lew

April 1, 2017

Ever notice how Donald Trump’s hair resembles the ones from of a corn. Well it’s been confirmed: Donald Trump is part corn!   In Trump’s private property in Orange County, Mar-a-Mango, a sample of his DNA was...