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Ingrid Zhang

Ingrid Zhang, Staff Writer & Layout Designer

Ingrid Zhang is a junior at DHS and has been a writer and layout designer for The Dublin Shield since her freshman year. Her experience moving to Shanghai, China in her early childhood has evoked her to develop a keen enjoyment to experience new cultures, especially their languages and food. With a passion for daydreaming and learning just about anything, Ingrid takes pride in weekends spent productively procrastinating from homework by falling into The Atlantic, The New York Times, Wikipedia, and Youtube black holes on every topic imaginable. Even more though, Ingrid enjoys spending time with friends and family, and watching all sorts of documentaries late at night (preferably cuddled in a blanket with some sweets in hand). Ingrid is also proud to be actively involved in many on-campus communities, such as the Dublin High Orchestra, Varsity Badminton Team, Philosophy and Ethics Club, and GirlUp Chapter, as well as others.

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