Atlanta ICDC: The Experience

Vivien Li, Online Editor

Diverse people. An annual convention. Everlasting high school memories. This describes the DECA ICDC event that took place in Atlanta, Georgia a few weeks ago.
The DECA club is a place where students excel and compete academically on many levels. ICDC stands for International Career Development Conference. Some students, like senior Tim Elkana, even competed on an international level.
“It gave me the opportunity to win academically at an international level competition, as well as bond with many business students from around the world,” Elkana explains. “At ICDC, I won Top Roleplay #2 and International Finalist for Human Resource Management.”
As far as the competitions went, they seemed to be a success as well.
“For individuals, they have to take a 100 Q test and do two role plays. For the group project they bring their project that they wrote up about munchie mart at our school that placed at state! So they have to present their project to the judge,” states senior Ganchana Tontiwattananan. As an adamant member of DECA, Tontiwattananan loved her overall experience.
“Atlanta trip was great because not only did we get to go to places like the Coke museum and the Georgia Aquarium, but we also got to meet people across the states and the world,” Tontiwattabanan adds.

Vienna Nguyen, another senior DECA member, elaborated on the type of people she met as well.
“I met people there from Dougherty Valley, Monte Vista, and even people from all over the world like Texas, Canada, Hawaii, Kansas, South Carolina, and Wisconsin,” says Nguyen. “ICDC helped me fall more in love with my future occupation! And it brought me closer to my chapter. It was such a bittersweet way to end my DECA experience but I loved every minute of it,” she concluded.
The convention was a summation of their year as a whole. For those thinking of joining DECA next year, Elkana had a few words of advice.
“Just do it, it’s an amazing experience. You can win trophies and medals and meet new people and sing songs on bus trips and run around Anaheim downtown and more!” Elkana exclaims.