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Michelle Goldstein

Michelle Goldstein , Copy Editor for Entertainment and Sports

Hey everybody, name is Michelle Goldstein and I am a senior in high school. What I like most about Journalism is being a part of a great team that distributes a final product to the entire student body because our staff is very enthusiastic when it comes to the delivery time. I like how Dublin High gives students many opportunities to discover what they want to be when they are older by having many sports, academic classes, and clubs. My personal favorite activities at Dublin High School are Track and Field and the school newspaper because I get to write my stressful things out and then after school, I get to throw farther with no stress. My favorite places in Dublin are the views from the hills because every time I go and look at the scenery, I realize how great the world. No matter if it was a bad day or not, I am glad to have the time to glance at all of the viewpoints in Dublin. In my free time, I like to listen to music because it lets me feel like I am in another world where there are no rules and I can just dance around without any weird looks from anyone.


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