18 things you can do over Spring break (that don’t involve your phone)


The flowers are blooming in the wake of spring.

If you’re like me (and many others), then you probably spend a lot of time on your phone. News flash—staring at an incredibly addicting rectangular screen while mindlessly scrolling through social media is not beneficial. Fortunately, Spring Break is the best time to abandon old habits and create new, more productive ones. 

  1. Start Journaling
    • This is a great way to release stress instead of bottling it up, and can help with processing any emotions that might seem overwhelming in the moment. Instead of letting your emotions control you, you can control them with journaling.
  2. Read a Book
    • I promise that reading is a lot more fun when you aren’t forced to read for your class. There are a variety of books out there, and there will be at least one that catches your attention. 
    • If reading a physical book seems daunting and you don’t think you’ll be able to focus, it’s totally fine; there are other options like listening to an audiobook or even reading a book online. However, if you are going to read online, it is best to avoid your phone and read on your computer as it will be significantly better for your eyesight. 
  3. Volunteer
    • Volunteering is a great way to get more involved in your community and give back. The Spring Break would be the perfect opportunity to do so. 
  4. Clean out papers
    • Throughout the school year, you most likely accumulated a gigantic pile of papers from all your classes, and chances are not all of them are needed anymore. So, take some time to go through your folders and get rid of everything you don’t need anymore.
  5. Clean your room
    • Following the theme of the last item, it may be time to clean your room because, if you are like me, you slacked off due to the amount of schoolwork you had and pushed off cleaning until later when you had free time. Well, Spring Break will provide a lot of free time to finally clean your room. 
  6. Clean your inbox
    • Now, it’s time to start cleaning your online space. The best way to do this is by clearing out old, useless emails and deleting those in the spam folder. 
  7. Exercise
    • This is something that you have probably heard a lot before, but that’s because it’s true: exercising is a great way to relax and keep your body healthy. Running and yoga are two examples of exercise that require minimal to no equipment. However, exercising can also be as simple as taking a walk outside.
  8. Explore
    • Whether it be with friends or family, Spring Break is a perfect time to visit new places such as a new boba shop, restaurant, or park. It can also be a chance to challenge yourself to not reach for that tempting phone and instead keep yourself involved in the conversation by being mindful of your surroundings. 
  9.  Writing
    • There are many different options that you have for this. You can create poetry, write a short story, journal (as mentioned above), or even attempt to start writing a book.
  10.  Practice cursive/calligraphy 
    • This is a fun way to be creative and could be useful in customizing your signature and helping make aesthetic notes for the remainder of the semester.
  11.  Create Art
    • If you love being artistic, the break is an opportunity to practice. You can create anything from paintings, to drawings, and even photography.
  12.  Learning a language
    • This could be practicing the language you are learning in school or a completely new one. You can make this fun by learning vocabulary and grammar through movies, TV shows, or songs in that particular language. 
  13.  Decorate the bedroom
    • Most of us spend the majority of our time inside our bedroom, and so Spring Break would be an amazing time to change it up in order to make it a space that you are actually happy in. This can be as simple as putting up posters, moving things around, or putting up lights. Also, if your parents happen to agree, you can even paint your room a new color.
  14.  Research a random topic
    • For this item, you can choose any random topic that you are interested in and dive deeper into it. This can help you gain skills useful for school projects later on and will be a great way to learn more about things you are genuinely curious about.
  15.  Make a scrapbook
    • In the future, it will allow you to revisit the past and will be a source of nostalgia. To make a scrapbook, just print out pictures that you like and glue them into a notebook.
  16.  Organize your closet
    • You can either separate the tops from the bottoms or color-coordinate them. It can also be an opportunity to notice old clothes that you never use and donate them to charity.
  17.  Relax
    • This is the most important thing that you can do; everyone should take time for themselves over break to have fun and de-stress. 
  18.  Study
    • This is definitely not as fun as the other items on this list, but it is just as necessary. With the coming of Spring Break, finals season is getting closer and closer. It is better to prepare for finals by studying before it is too late and you have to cram a whole year or semester’s worth of content in a few weeks. Also, if you are taking AP classes, the AP College Board exam will be coming up soon, so Spring Break would be the perfect time to review all of the necessary information and do practice tests for the exam.