Climate Change In Action


A picture of the fall sky during Dublin High School’s Area Build

As summer is coming to a close and autumn is finally settling in, many communities have wondered why temperatures are still fluctuating and why it took this long for fall weather to arrive. All signs point to one answer: Climate change. Climate change, an ongoing issue worldwide, is the change in temperatures due to human activities such as pollution from cars, the excess burning of fossil fuels, etc. In the United States, not only has the weather changed drastically on a week-to-week basis, but the weather in each season has been different in one way or another, whether it’s summer or winter.

Though many love to deny the existence of climate change as a whole, not all ignorance is pure bliss. U.C. Berkeley economist Dr. Hsiang says that climate change will bring “death by a thousand cuts.” Seasons are proof of it, as fall has been recorded to arrive later than usual, and the winters have gradually been reported to be getting warmer. Climate change is real, and it’s happening at an alarming rate.

A map of Earth’s Climate Change created by the NCEI

“[The] findings provide further markers of a substantial human influence on Earth’s climate, affecting not only global averages, but also local and seasonal changes,” says Dr. William Randel, after assessing a study by Science that proved the change in temperatures and lengths of each season being a direct effect of human activities and climate change. It is undeniable that the differences in temperatures between seasons have been growing larger as climate change continues. Not only that, but the transitional seasons (fall and spring) will be cut short due to the extremities.

An image of Dublin’s leaves slowly transitioning from green to duller autumn colors

But what does this mean for the United States, and more specifically, Dublin? It means that many local animals will suffer due to the changing seasons, and the seasons will look different in the next couple of years. The weather will have hotter summers, colder winters, and the warm weather will create duller autumn leaves, which is one of the highlights of fall. Along with that, many areas will be more prone to natural disasters such as fires and storms.

Seasons can be a reminder of the time passing in life. It’s one of the most beautiful parts of living on this planet, but society is destroying it every time they contribute to climate change. If this goes on, our fate has been sealed. Climate change will only get worse if society ignores its large presence and effects on life. 

However, there is still a way to work together and slow down the ever-increasing effects of climate change. “We can still avoid the worst impacts of climate change and build a better future for our children and grandchildren,” says Michael R. Bloomberg, United Nations Special Envoy on Climate Ambition and Solutions and founder of Bloomberg LP.  Dublin is an extremely strong community that has the power to change our habits and save the beauty of each one of Earth’s distinct seasons. All it takes is cutting a shower short, or finding a group to carpool with, or even just educating others on the topic.