The DHS Field Show Competition


Shelby Richmond

ABOVE: The DHS Irish Guard performs their show “Around the world in 8 minutes and 27 seconds.

On November 2, DHS hosted its third annual Irish guard invitational, a field show competition. The DHS band, as well as eighteen other bands, attended. This is a major fundraising event for the DHS Irish Guard Band and Color guard which takes months of planning. The band performed in exhibition after the competing bands.

A field show is a demonstration from a band where the band plays music and creates shapes while marching on a field. Andrew Europa, the assistant drum major, says that he likes that other bands are able to “make an entire show without words: just music and movement.” Achieving this requires hours of practice to get the show correct. Many bands have been practicing their field show since before the start of school.

“Watching all the bands and meeting other band members” is what Brooke Brunckhorst, the vice president of the Irish Guard, says is her favorite thing about the field show competition. Field shows performed at the invitational included many students. The DHS campus is filled with buses and trailers to transport the other bands and their equipment.

Awards are given according to division, which is determined by how many students are performing in each band. The points are determined by multiple judges, who are both on the field and off, and are based on many different categories. Bands are judged on their music, appearance, and many other factors. This includes the band’s color guard who perform many stunts with flags, rifles, and sabers as well as dancing.

    Preparing for this competition also requires individual practice from all the students. To prepare for the band review, Sophomore Ben Han says he will always “Drink water and practice [his] marching.” For a field show to be successful, each individual needs to know their music and march perfectly. Everyone needs to pay attention to the drum major and play together. When this happens, the field show is an amazing event watch.