Zootopia: Review

Sakina Nuruddin

The recently released movie, Zootopia, has caught both the attention and love of thousands of children and adults these past few weeks.

Zootopia, the home of thrilling success and devastating failure, is a grand capital that captures the interest and the eye of a young rabbit named Judy Hopps. Determined from a young age to become the first rabbit to join the police force, Judy faces many challenges. She is both discouraged from her parents and the general public to not take such an impossible job as a rabbit. Not only that, but she faces trouble proving herself to others when she encounters several animals, like a clever fox named Nick Wilde. When a mysterious and overlooked case comes to Judy’s attention, she jumps to the opportunity to prove to herself, to prove to all of Zootopia that indeed any animal can be who he/she wishes to be. Therefore, amongst all odds Judy fights on.

Whether the movie comes across the eyes of a young five year old or an older forty-year-old adult, Zootopia captures the love of many. Alongside its ability to disappoint, but to later excite a young individual, the movie also reflects and addresses deeper issues. From one lens the story of perseverance and determination can be shown. And then also, from a second lens the fight against discrimination, racism, stereotypes, sexism can also be seen. The movie’s ability to speak to multiple audiences represents its value in informing and further elaborating on topics that often can be overlooked, forgotten, or misunderstood. Overlooked, Zootopia can be seen as a simple movie, but once immersed deeper it holds significant lessons to share.