Ooh, Ahh, You Wish You Were a Lady Gael: Dublin High Girls’ Tennis Takes the Courts


Abigale Kim, Guest Writer

Tennis season has officially started! That isn’t everyone’s thought on the first day of school, but it was mine as I walked to the tennis courts. I have been a part of our school’s girls’ tennis team for three years, and I was excited for my fourth and final season.


Other teammates have also expressed excitement for the team. Nicole San Loo, a Dublin High junior, enthusiastically exclaimed, “Tennis is really fun, and I look forward to practice every day.”


Arina Sobol, another Dublin High junior, noted her excitement to play doubles this season. She noted, “I like to play with a partner because there is that support next to you.”

The Dublin High Girls’ Tennis team is entering their second year in EBAL. After finishing in seventh place out of ten teams, we are the underdogs of our EBAL league. However, the team consists of very talented, motivated girls, and they are improving every day through hard work and practice.


The team is led by two captains, including Dublin High senior Alison Yoo. When asked, Alison said, “The most exciting thing about being a captain this year is leading a group of amazing people and taking this [being captain] as an opportunity to learn something.”


There is also abundant talent on the team this year. For instance, our number one singles, Dublin High freshman Nishitha Hundi, is a United States Tennis Association ranked player, which is an accomplishment unique to her on our tennis team. Nishitha said, “I love tennis because it is an extremely mentally and physically challenging sport, and it pushes you to do your best and be persistent”.


In addition, we have four other varsity freshmen and four varsity seniors. The new talent, along with the veteran experience the seniors have, seems to be the perfect combination for success in EBAL.


Coach Jason Wilson also expressed his excitement for the season, said, “I love being able to teach the girls what teamwork really is and how it helps build confidence and effort in match play and in life”.


I would advise you to go to all the home games because tennis is a very interesting, fast paced, and mesmerizing sport to watch. However, if you have a busy schedule (as most people do), and can only pick one game to go to, you should go to senior night! It’s on Halloween, and it is versus Dougherty Valley, which is our rival school. In addition, the whole event is pretty emotional, since it is our seniors’ last game.


Overall, I am looking forward to the tennis season, and I really hope that that you all go to a game or two! Go Lady Gaels!