Tie Dye: Whats the issue?

Rose Hanson, Layout Editor

From social media to students, and even some teachers, one question has been on many people’s mind. Is there a ban on tie dye?

Still some students have used social media as a way to express their concern. Tweet after tweet. Post after post. It leaves Dublin High wondering. What does administration think of this social media outrage?

“I think it’s amusing to say the least,” Vice Principal Kara Holthe states. “There isn’t a ban on tie dye as of now.”

This leaves the question open. Just because there isn’t a ban this year, what about the future?  If administration’s attitude towards the social media outrage is amusement,  rather than an important input, will this lead students to not respect them since they aren’t being respected themselves?

When asked for further clarification on a future ban on tie-dye, Admin failed to respond in time for print.

“The more strict admin becomes, the more ridiculous the students think they are,” junior Veronica Ashworth says. “I totally agree when they say certain things about the dress code, but this?”

When some parents heard of this rumored  “ban” many were troubled. According to Veronica Ashworth, her mom states, It’s extreme and illogical.

On page 6 of the student handbook, it states. “The appearance of any young person is primarily the responsibility of that individual and his/her parent(s)/guardian(s).”

If the parent is okay with tie dye then what is the big deal? A parent is legally responsible. If the parent is buying the clothes in the first place then it isn’t within their authority to punish the child.

Why would there be a ban in the first place? Some rumors have been told that administration will ban tie dye because of the reference to drugs.

Tie dye has been around for centuries. Asia, Africa, and many countries in South America have had tie dye as well. Ever since 500 A.D. tie dye was a way that many civilizations distinguished one another apart. This wasn’t used as a symbol for Marijuana, or even drugs at all. It was a way of self expression.

“Little kids wear tie dye!” says Sophomore DJ Sweeney. “I dont see what the point is.”

Sweeney and many other students believe that there is no harm in tie-dye. If a child wears it no one would think twice. However when a teenager puts it on, they are viewed as a druggie or stoner. At what age does a child who wore tie-dye become a ‘stoner’?

Regardless of the future, as of now there is not a ban on tie dye. Only time will tell until there is.