Senior Banquet

Menisha Sohal, Editor in Chief

As I walked into The Black Hawk Car Museum chills ran up my spine from the sight of the massive chandelier that hung from the ceiling. Two sets of staircases outlined the three floors of guests. My fellow peers astonished me by their classy outfit choices, guys in slacks and a vest, while the girls rocked stilettos and elegant dresses. The night of celebration had turned ordinary, extraordinary.
As we checked in with our table groups, about an hour and a half was given to circulate amongst the crowd and take pictures that would last a lifetime with memories. Parents who had created a collage of their child’s life hung for everyone to see and reminisce on. While we were served refreshments, excitement for the dinner portion of the night filled the air.
“Going into banquet I really had no idea what to expect,” said senior Hannah Neckar. “The venue blew me away with how beautiful it was and how the entire night just went so smoothly.”
The dining hall was in a room surrounded by 1920’s styled cars that shined. Dangling lights hung from the ceiling as we ate a three course meals that was served to us by an excellent staff. Our principal and student dean gave their own interpretation of the seniors’ clothing styles, having certain teachers dress in particular styles. After dinner, the main entertainment was ready to perform.
“I loved how amazing everyone looked,” said senior Jamine Smith. “Not only was it a really classy dress code, but everyone went all out and really dressed up for the evening.”
The hypnotist amazed us beyond belief. He chosed 13 random students amongst the crowd to be the entertainers of the night. He had little faith and knowledge of what he was doing and it gave us seniors something to laugh about. Watching my fellow classmates onstage doing ridiculously funny things, brightened up everyones mood. After the very humorous performances, the night of a Gatsby affair had come to an end.
“I was gone,” said senior Patrick Wallace. “Like I had no idea what I was doing on stage and I guess when the Shakira dancing part was on I went ham.”
Banquet was the kick off event for the rest of the senior events that are going to take place. Overall the night was something that us seniors will always remember and have something to help us get through the rest of the school year. The night was fun, glamorous and most of all brought the class of 2014 one step closer to graduation.