Students Benefit from Working During the Summer

Summer is here again! Hot weather and a lot of openings for summer jobs. Summer is the time where students at Dublin High can manage their time wisely and make extra pocket money.
Taking up a job is a way to connect and meet new people. Students can make new friends at their jobs and be more comfortable with their co-workers.
Playing soccer which will be taking most of his time this summer, Christian Brosius, a senior here at DHS took up a summer job last year.
“It was good experience,” Brosius says. “I was an electrician and worked independently.”
Summer jobs can give students experience in the field they want to succeed in. Applying for summer jobs online or at the workplace can give you an idea what you want to start out for your first summer job. If the experience of the summer job doesn’t work out for the student who’s trying to figure out their field, they can always apply somewhere where their field is involved.
“I applied at the workplace,” Brosius mentions.
Applying at the workplace is easier so you get the idea how things run and talk to the assistant manager or the manager him or herself.
For seniors who are graduating, it is a great way to make extra money for tuition fees or class materials.
For senior Monica Shum, she wants to save up money and work full time in the mornings and evenings.
“I can pay for materials for classes and save up for tuition,” Shum says.
She can easily pay for those from her own money she earns and doesn’t need to depend on anybody.
Summer jobs can benefit students in the future when they work at different places.
“Whenever you apply newer jobs, it will give you experience and an advantage over peers,” Shum points out.
Benefits from working part time or full time will give students responsibility as well advantage for future jobs they seek.
When a student has their first interview, it can be scary and nerve-wrecking. Students don’t want to say anything wrong or don’t want ruin their image of to be an ideal worker to the place they apply at during the summer.
Leonardo Buenrostro, a senior, who works at American Eagle gives some advice to students looking forward to their first interview.
“Be confident and say everything that comes first in your mind,” Buenrostro says.
Confidence is everything and how you show your body language can make or break students at the interview. Say everything at first and then later ask questions. Students should be themselves and not afraid, because if a student doesn’t get the job they’re looking for, there always other fun jobs over the summer. All students have to do is look for the “NOW HIRING” sign, fill out the applications, go for the interview, be confident, and simply be themselves.