Seniors are coming to the end of the road

Senior ball. Awards night. Baccalaureate. Senior picnic. Graduation. There are many activities leading to the day of June 12th and the overall end of many Senior’s high school career. But hopefully brainstorming occurred in what these seniors are going to be doing after their adolescent years have come to an end.
“After high school im excited to go to ASU,” Symone Lloyd says. “It is a new chapter of my life.”
This new chapter will enhance Lloyd’s intelligence and experience in life whether it is going to community college or staying in his local area. This new chapter can be hard to plan for some teenagers. Due to the entirely new environment these teens are put in and maybe the also new routine of not getting up almost every morning like high school demands.
“I am ready to leave, ” Kiana Mae says. “I am going to miss my friends but I am excited to pursue my career and to do what I’ve always wanted to do.”
Mae exemplifies that not only is she anxious to leave but she’ll have a sense of remorse for not being surrounded by her friends all the time, which high school abides too. There may not be an comfortable way of being put in a completely new environment with people you are not familiar with. Only if high school prepared us…
“Whether it is going down the route of trying to get your degree or if it’s someone staying in their area after high school its going to be equally difficult,” Kayla Millar says.
Millar has a point that appeals to the versatility of what one can do after their high school career and she states the ways one can go. She emphasizes how each can be difficult due to the unfamiliarity of not having to be in a place that pertains to Dublin High.