Are buses necessary?

Dressing up. Dancing. Memories made at the Dulce Mansion. And that’s right buses. May 17th 2013, was senior ball, where seniors had an unusual experience of being in buses to commute to the venue and back. Maybe this had affected people’s experience by not being able to be spontaneous and go wherever they would like.
“The buses were not all that bad,” Abigail Sweeney said. “However, I was not expecting them in my Senior Ball experience.”
These buses may not have seemed bad but why are they necessary is the question. They could hinder someone’s senior ball experience…imagine being on a bus dressed all up but having to remain in a steel trap for forty five minutes.
“I wish the buses weren’t there because then I could have a spontaneous adventure with all my friends after the dance,“senior Kiana Mae says.
Theses buses weren’t favored due to the schedule of having to be on the buses at a certain time which interfered with teenagers rebellious instincts in wanting to do whatever they’d like on a special night such as Senior Ball. But these buses could be convenient because it’s true.Who wants to make a long commute to any venue? Time is money but in this case time is convenience.
“These buses shouldn’t been there they made my senior ball experience awkward,” senior Angelica Salviejo says.
True, they might have halted the fun in peoples’ experience but these buses do prevent a lot of probable problems, such as drinking, but they are not necessary? Why ruin peoples’ experience? Imagine Senior ball next year in San Francisco… would you rather arrive in a chariot like mobile or steel monster such as a bus?
“I hope this doesn’t become an annual thing because it doesn’t make sense for buses only to be at senior ball they are unnecessary,” senior Joli Holland says.