DPIE Continues to Enrich Students’ Summers

Grace Li, News Editor

This summer’s most popular activity doesn’t seem to be surfing in foreign waters or exploring any exotic countries. Instead, it’s staying right here at home in Dublin, taking advantage of DPIE’s Summer Enrichment Academy–a semester based, credentials filling, summer course meant for accelerating high school and middle school students.

The Academy will be continuing its third season this summer after receiving much popular feedback from the students. Students can take courses in the sciences, mathematics, languages, as well as graduation-required classes like P.E. and Health for a fee.

“Parents and students have been very enthusiastic about this opportunity,” DPIE superintendent Janet Lockhart says. “Our program has grown each year.”

Current junior Aileen Jeong, who took both U.S. History and P.E. over the summer, expresses similar sentiments.

“I wanted to take DPIE because I wanted my schedule to be more open to different classes in my area of interest, such as engineering and technology,” she says.

DPIE was designed for students like Jeong, who want to accelerate and advance their learning curriculums. Instead of being reliant on six classes a year, they decide to make productive use of their summer as well. It is hard work, meant for students ready to challenge themselves and achieve. Despite its difficulty, many students believe that the result is worth it.

“Because of DPIE, I was able to take AP Chemistry my Sophomore year,” junior Sunny Bai, who took DPIE Honors Chemistry, says. “Even though it was hard, it allowed me to finish one of my harder classes earlier in my school career and opened my doors towards other classes like AP Biology and Physics later on.”

Because the courses can cover up to a year’s worth of learning, DPIE works hard to ensure the quality of the classrooms.

“All of our teachers are selected by our Enrichment Academy Principal, Bill Branca,” says Ms. Lockhart. “He is very diligent in selecting teachers who are comfortable with the pace of the Academy.”

Bill Branca is also one of Dublin High School’s vice-principals. His work at DPIE has helped maintain the same quality of a regular classroom. Junior Sunny Bai notes this about both the teachers, and the structure of the class.

“The overall experience was a lot more pleasant since it was like having an extra long day to learn everything, meaning that teachers don’t have to stress about rushing to make it before the bell,” Bai says. “Overall, I had a fun time with Mrs. Morgan doing experiments and learning science over the summer.”

All information about applying to DPIE can be found on their website, dpie.org. Take advantage of this opportunity now, because courses fill up quickly.