Teen Advisory Group at the Dublin Library

ABOVE: The Dublin Library

Grace Li

ABOVE: The Dublin Library

Looking for easy volunteer hours? The Dublin Library’s Teen Advisory Group is a great way to show leadership, demonstrate initiative, and fill up those volunteering requirements as well.

The Teen Advisory Group, or T.A.G. for short, holds a forty-five minute meeting every other Monday. Teens meet with the adviser, Mary Ayers, to discuss and plan events for people of all ages. Volunteers suggest a wide variety of possible activities, including college essay workshops, SAT prep classes, art contests for teens, and craft projects for children. Students from Cal High, Quarry Lane, and Dublin High input their ideas in a friendly and accepting environment.

“The library’s a great place to get involved,” said Dublin High junior Alicia Tran, who suggested a movie night featuring animated films for children. Other students had similar ideas. Dhanush Patel, a junior from Cal High, said one motive for joining was “you can meet people from different schools.”

Another compelling factor was the ability to accomplish events without the typical restrictions of a high school club. Numerous times, Mrs. Ayers encouraged the group to express any thought or idea without worrying about fundraising. The Friends of the Dublin Library is eager to fund projects done by the Dublin Library to benefit the community as a whole.

The Teen Advisory Group is open to anyone who wants to join. Email [email protected] for more information.