Dedicated Athletes


Tristan Whitley

Connor Molinar Varsity Captain two years in a row

Do you like sports? Maybe you play sports or watch sports. At Dublin High School we have some super studs playing soccer for the school team and an outside team.

Andrew Totaro has been playing soccer since he was four. He hasn’t stopped since, he says it’s been a passion and he loves every minute of it. When asked why he plays an outside league, along with school league he said “it’s very fun, so I want to play as much as I can.” On top of the two soccer leagues he plays football for Dublin High.

Alex Perea has played soccer all four years of his high school career and also plays both leagues. He plays to be with his friends and has since he was four. “I knew it would help me grow to be a stronger person physically, and to work with a team.” Perea says.
Connor Molinar who was the captain for Varsity last year at Dublin High also plays two soccer leagues as well. Molinar says he plays to run around on the field with his friends and enjoy the game. He’s been doing this since 4. “I like it more than getting sweaty in the gym” Molinar says.