Largest Enrollment at Dublin High to Date

New faces, new personalities – new Gaels; Dublin High School welcomed over 130 new students as it kicks off the 2013 – 2014 school year with an astounding number of 1,934 students – the largest enrollment at Dublin High to date.

This year, Dublin High School proudly welcomed 135 new students, exempting the freshman, to its outstanding campus, bringing the current enrollment status from 1,799 students to 1,934 students.  To accommodate for this increase in enrollment, the school underwent some traumatic, necessary changes, according to principal Carol Shimizu.

“We added new teachers – we have sixteen new teachers, we’ve purchased new textbooks and supplies, and we opened up new classrooms that weren’t utilized last year, and we’ve moved some teachers and offices around to open up new teaching spaces,”  Mrs. Shimizu said.  “The school is being renovated and we are being built for the capacity of 2,400 students.” This renovation will provide the school with the adequate space needed to accommodate for student needs and to will ensure that the enrollment status has sufficient space to grow and expand.  Confidence levels run high as many anticipate an enrollment status to increase in the near future.

“We welcome a whole new group of freshmen and student body, and students who transfer from other schools whose families transfer to Dublin; so our student body is very accepting of new students, so we hope they feel welcome,” said Mrs. Shimizu.  Dublin High opts to make each and every new student feel as welcome as possible here.  There is no doubt that students and faculty are extremely excited about the many new faces in an around campus.

  Throughout the last couple of years, the amount of construction and development of new housing communities in the Dublin, San Ramon, and Pleasanton areas have brought quite an influx of new families.  For those searching for a new home in these areas, the opportunity to purchase brand new houses, as well as high API scores for all of these school districts, served as perfect reasons to shift locations; as a direct result, the enrollment statuses in the elementary, middle, and high schools greatly increased.

Honors English teacher, Ms. Rebecca Briggs, described how Dublin High has been able to offer a greater number of programs and events due to the increase in enrollment.

“We are able to offer more variety of classes on campus because of the number of students and our sports programs have grown and improved so, so much.” Ms. Briggs said.

The improvement of sports programs, as well the increased variety of classes offered, are largely due to the increased amounts of participation in school events brought about by enrollment status.  Dublin High School welcomes all of its new students with open arms, as it anticipates many, many more to arrive in the near future.