Fall Sports Recap

Girls Tennis

The DHS Girls’ Tennis team has had a gratifying season, finishing 5th out of the 10 schools in the EBAL league. While their record of 8-10 sets them firmly in the middle of the pack, this is a significant improvement from last year and is impressive considering the highly competitive league. Captain Hannah Chen noted that having played on the team for four years, “it’s been so cool to see the way the team has improved! We beat so many schools this year that have traditionally beat us in the past.” Many members of the team look forward to continuing this upward trend, with freshman Jayani Jayakanthan exclaiming that “being on the tennis team is the best thing that could happen to a tennis player at DHS.”  

Girls Volleyball

The Girls Volleyball team this year finished a rather disappointing season this fall, going 12-17 and placing 8th in EBAL. But their season wasn’t entirely a sad affair, as they won the Irvington tournament in September. Sophomore Niveda Kasthuri said that while the “losses were not fun throughout the season, she enjoyed the people on the team and the matches they played,”. Kasthuri also talked about how the team “could have had a better time with [their] coaches,” during the season but that in the end it was “overall a great time.” The Girls Volleyball team hopes to rebound next year for a better season and a better performance!

Girls Golf

The Girls Golf team had a fairly successful season this fall, qualifying for the North Coast competition and with several players maintaining impressive individual streaks. The team captains, Malia Gosiengfiao, Katie Fong, Sasha Padilla, and Kaylen Choi, focused on improving the team dynamic as well as increasing their technical skills this season. The captains were successful in their attempts and second player Audrey Im explained that “although golf is an individual sport [they] still played it as a team.” Audrey also praised the efforts of their coach, Tim Craig, stressing that he “definitely knew how to unify the teams even during the difficult times.” While the players weren’t entirely satisfied with their performance, they were happy with the season overall and made significant improvements that they believe will situate them for success in future competitions.  


The Gaels Football Team, the most-viewed team from Dublin High’s variety of sports organizations, finished with the respectable record of 4-6 overall. Their wins stemmed against Castro Valley High, Milpitas High, Laguna Creek High, and Washington High. However the team also earned a record of 0-4 in the East Bay Athletic League with losses to Granada, Amador Valley, Livermore, and Dougherty Valley High. Senior Varsity Defensive Tackler Sal Martin remarked on his experience with the football team. “At the beginning of the season we were rolling over teams and we all expected to go and get a title. But throughout the season we lost many key players that kept us from playing at our teams’ top potential. We honestly could have been something but injuries prevented us from making the playoffs.” Great season Gaels and good luck next year!

Cross Country

The Cross Country team have had a very successful season so far. After sweeping the boys’ divisions in the Scott Bauhs Invitational and the Farmer Invitational in September, as well as having a good showing at the Clovis Invitational in October, the season reached its culmination for most of the team. On Saturday, November 3rd, the Gaels won the East Bay Athletic League (EBAL) championship for the third year in a row, scoring a victory against Granada and Dougherty Valley. As junior Darren Furtado said, “this season has been one of the best in team history.” It has not been all success, though. Freshman Maia Marquez said that for the girls’ team “this season has been full of challenges for the girls’ team, including having to overcome multiple injuries and difficult days of practice.” Considering that running is such a high-impact sport, the level of injuries remained high  this year with many runners missing out on their final races or spending large periods of their season on what coach Chris Williams calls the Injured Reserve group. Despite the difficulties, Cross Country has continued its streak of success and the varsity team is expecting success at the upcoming North Coast Section meet (November 17th at Hayward High School) and the CIF State Championship meet (November 24th at Woodward Park in Fresno).