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The official Student News Site of Dublin High School.

The Dublin Shield

The official Student News Site of Dublin High School.

The Dublin Shield

Don’t Doubt The Grass Fairies

Every year the Dublin High soccer department comes together to produce 6 hard working teams of boys and girls that fight to be the champions of their league. This is the year to accomplish that goal. The soccer department hasn’t been given a reputation that reflects the players true potential and what they have to bring this season. They are out to prove the people who doubt them wrong and go all the way to NCS finals.

The Lady Gaels soccer team    has been on a roll with an overall record of 6 wins, 3 ties and 2 losses. They motivate one another to be the best player they can be. With hard work comes a positive outcome and with a team full of dedicated athletes who understand that, anything is possible. The issues that the team faces are worked on by the whole team and coaching staff by going over all the plays and connecting with one another so everyone’s on the same page.

“We all continuously give each other positive feedback to make us all better players,” says senior captain Jesy Nelson.

Each player understands the sacrifices it takes to be the best, and have made every practice another reason to why their so successful.

“We all have high expectations for this season and are constantly getting better each and every day,” says sophomore Xenia Perea .

Not only does the team support one another but they find joy when their teammates are happy. They are family on and off the field and when the time comes the team will pull it together.

“I’m looking forward to senior night because I want to honor the seniors because I love them all,” says junior captain Jacey Luzzi.

Dublin High’s Boys team has an overall record of 11 wins, 1 tie and 1 loss so far. They strive to be the best in the league and work hard 5 days a week to get there. With the high standards they set for themselves, they are ready to prove anyone who doubts their abilities to accomplish greatness wrong. Not only does their coach push them past their limits, but they motivate one another to always give 110% of themselves.

“We are a family so we all give 100% and expect everyone else to do the same,” says senior captain Connor Molinar.

After getting knocked out of the first rounds of NCS the boys are back and ready to hammer any team they face.

“This year is the year that we take it all the way and show everyone what Dublin High soccer has to offer,” says senior Anthony Herrington.

Not only do they dominate on the field but as a team they support one another through anything. Thier definition of being a team is not only standing up for one another through the games, but even off the field on a daily basis.

“As a team full of hard workers, the only way to succeed is together and we always stand up for one another. Like I’ll always have my guys backs no matter what,” says senior Christian Brosius.

About the Contributor
Menisha Sohal, Campus Life Editor
My name is Menisha Sohal and I am a junior at Dublin High. What I like most about journalism is the experience and challenges that I encounter. Dublin High is a very friendly and accepting school and it’s a great place to get a great education. Also, the athletic side of Dublin is most accomplished. My favorite place in Dublin is Hacienda Plaza. Not only does it have a movie theater, but many restaurants, clothing stores, and other enjoyable stores. One thing I like to do in my free time is play soccer, it’s a great way to stay in shape and meet new people.