Spring Sports Preview

Now that winter is finally over, there is so much more to look forward to this spring, especially with sports. Most of these sports are going to be held from this point on to the end of the school year. It’s always good to know who is playing and when, to go cheer them on and show your support for the team.

DHS is really good at supporting their school teams, whether it’s football, basketball or any other sport. Some of the sports that will be played this Spring include Lacrosse, Baseball and Softball, Swimming, Track and Field, and Golf.

“I’m excited for swim meets and just excited to go against other schools and improve as a team,” Sophomore and swimmer Spencer Nielsen said. “The swim team is probably the friendliest environment I know, my team members are all hard workers and the coaches are just amazing.”

On the field, we have Varsity Baseball and Softball, who already started their seasons early February and play against teams all across the Bay Area. Same goes for the Boy’s and Girl’s Lacrosse teams.

“Our season this year is going to be pretty tough, but we have a strong team and most of all, a coach who keeps us going,” Junior Varsity player Nadine Haddad said.

Each team is like a family, which represent our school in the goal to win championships from other schools.

“My team members are literally like my family, we easily click and that helps us play as a team,” Haddad continues. “I’m looking forward to making NCS and seeing myself grow as a player.”

Sports can really bring students together in effect to cheer on their school athletes and show them that no matter whether if they win or lose, we’ll be proud especially when you’re out on a nice spring afternoon.